Double Pages - Level 2

Double page layouts are very special as the front cover opens into a double page and then you have the back page as well, giving you a total of 4 layouts that will tell your story beautifully. If you use plastic sleeves for your layouts, you can still have a double page layout by simply cutting a slit into the protective sleeve to slip the back page into the cover, leaving the front free.

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This is a Level 2 Double page - more time has been spent on decoration and more advanced techniques used than in Level 1. Double layouts give you the opportunity in not only telling your story, but being able to have matching decoration that flows around your story throughout the pages.

You can have a plain cover or one that is cut to match the layout - you can have a decorative line, circle, square, rectangle etc cut out on the front page giving a more unique look to your 'booklet'.

There is a bonus with double page layouts - the last page is free - you only pay for 3 pages (the cover, inside cover, inside back page). The last page (back of last page) will be completed for you free of charge.

You will need around 15 to 20 photos.

Please check out my Gallery for examples of my work.

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