gallery information

My Gallery shows the different layouts that I can do for you, however, this does not mean that your layouts will look exactly like the ones in the Gallery.

Depending on your photos and the layout that I decide to do will also determine what type of decoration I use for you.

Prior to starting your pages, I will email you a form where you can choose the techniques/products you like. The form will show what is available to you on Level 1 and a separate form for Level 2 - if you choose to have a combination of levels, you will receive both forms. Your selection will tell me what you would like to see on your page layouts.

Once you have selected the ones you prefer, you can send me back the form or just email me back your preferences. The list will have things like Inking, Chalking, Stencil work, Glitter, Wet Embossing, Dry Embossing, Sands, Velours, Die cuts, Punches, Embossing Mousse, Watercolours, Alcohol Pens and Inks, Sprays, Stamping etc.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitat to contact me at or on 0403433237

Keep checking back to Gallery, I will be adding new layouts regularly..