All of my classes are available via Skype - this is a great way to learn face to face when you cant actually attend in person. There is no extra cost involved for Skype - the program is free to download and use, and, having you in a class, whether that be in person or via Skype, is the same price.

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Skype is free to download, if you haven't already got Skype, just click here:

I have a special camera that I use when video calling, it enables you to see my hands and how I do the techniques, making it just as effective to learn techniques as it is in person. This will let us go at your pace and also you will be able to show me your samples so that I can see how you are doing.

Booking into a Skype class is the same as booking into face-to-face classes - either phone me on 0403433237 or email: to discuss dates and times.