This class will teach you how to use Soft Pastel chalks - this is a great introduction to chalking as these are very inexpensive to purchase. You will learn how to get the colour off the sticks, how to blend and apply the chalk plus much more! The Workbook will be available shortly.

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Classes are 3 hours with products being available to use. Please note, all techniques for chalking cannot be covered in one class. 

Included in this Class is the Workbook with detailed photos and step by step instructions so that you can use this book as a resource when you are at home.

Chalking is a very easy and affordable way of creating backgrounds for your project - you can ink, stamp, stencil and use any product over the top. In this class, I will teach you how to apply the chalk and all the tips and tricks to go with it, we will also look at what type of papers or card stock is compatible with chalking and we will use a variety of different tools to apply the chalk. Once you have a play, you can decide which tool suits you best (or you could be like me and like them all!)

There are three (3) different chalk classes to choose from:

  • Gradient Chalk Sets (multiple colours in one container)
  • Soft Pastels (sticks of chalk)
  • Pan Pastels (round pots of chalk)

You will create samples to take home with you - a Visual Diary is a great way to keep your samples in, you can make notes along with your sample for future reference. Feel free to bring one with you.

Please feel free to contact me on 0403433237 or via email with any questions, I would be happy to talk with you.

Workbook will be available soon.