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Caligraphy pens are a specialty pen but you can use them for much more than just decorative writing/caligraphy.  There are many brands available but I will be using Zig Calligraphy Pens for this Tutorial. These pens are dual ended - one being fine and one being a thick nib.

Everything that is in the Writer Pen Tutorial can be applied using these pens also - I have not duplicated the techniques as if you have Calligraphy pens you would also have writer pens.

This Tutorial will show you the varied ways in which you can use these pens such as decorative lines, frames and borders (normal and enclosed), creating backgrounds and how putting the two different nibs together to make interesting lines. 

There are 10 other Tutorials on different pens and there is also a combined Workbook 'Pens' which include all 11 Tutorials - just check under 'Workbooks' if you would rather purchase the full book.