About my classes

About my classes
All of my classes do not concentrate on any particular craft, they are based on techniques which can be applied to any paper craft you are involved in. Classes are 3 hours and you will create samples of each technique. To complete the whole course in each category, there will be several classes held as it is impossible to cover everything in one.

I suggest you bring with you a book such as a visual diary where you can add your sample to a page and then take notes on the techniques - this will remind you how you completed the sample and it will also be great for you to look back on when deciding which type of embellishment or background you would like to do on your current project.

Most of the mediums used such as inks, chalks, pens, gels etc will be supplied in the class along with cardboard sheets used to create your samples. Rulers, pencils and trimmers will also be supplied. Consumables such as double sided tapes, glues, 3D foam tapes etc will need to be supplied by you.

Hot and cold beveriges are supplied - if you are interested in doing a double class, bring along your lunch!

If you would like to discuss dates prior to paying for one of my classes, please contact me via email: papercraftcentral@icloud.com and we can arrange a suitable time for everyone.